An extinct(*) progenitor species known largely through ruins and legend.

Ur were typically bald, 4m-tall humanoids with proportions similar to, but not exactly like humans.

Recent discoveries on Tartarus indicate that the Ur began their stellar activity a hundred thousand years ago. They engaged in a species-wide mission to ensure genetic survivability, experimenting on several species which would one day be known to the Combine as Class-K entities, including the Crysolis. These beings contain “junk” DNA from the Ur, demonstrating that species’ partial success in achieving immortality.

The crew of the Earwig encountered a lone surviving female Ur in suspended animation on Tartarus. “Wild” Jim woke her in hopes of making an emotional and physical connection, but she sought understanding through violence. The crew barely survived the encounter, and was forced to kill the Ur in self-defense. However, Deadbeef abandoned his previous verpid host to puppet her body, so, in a sense, a single Ur lives on.


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