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Ashen Stars runs on the GUMSHOE system. See the physical materials I’ve given you in person, or check out the GUMSHOE SRD below for more information.

Gumshoe SRD

Ashen Stars Concepts: Check this page for a run-down of the setting’s species, concepts, and technologies as they appear in our version of The Bleed.

House Rules: Alterations and additions to the standard Ashen Stars GUMSHOE ruleset.

NCC1701- Verpid Doc, Face, Wrench, and Gunner
Vedeg- Tavak Stratco, Bagger, Pilot, and Chopper
Deadbeef- Icti Mapper, Techno, and Hailer
“Wild” Jim Straight- Wild Card


1.1 Witness of My Worth
1.2 Carrion Crew
1.3 Tartarus
1.4 The Egggobler Repossession
1.5 The Pleasure Bringers
1.6 Crystal Clear

Main Page

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