Carrion Crew

Contract Briefing

Detailed Events
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Time Passed (AS 171): 3 months
Upgrades and Purchases: Vedeg purchased a Fury Cannon. Deadbeef installed flex arms on Vedeg. The crew purchased a hailmary and a tractor beam for the Earwig.
Upkeep Paid: 21

Side Deals

PR Events
Positive: The Earwig crew repaired a critically-damaged Combine vessel before it fell into the gravity well of a gas giant.
Positive: The Earwig crew chased off the desperate Missec without resorting to violence. No Missec died at the hands of the Lasers.

The crew found the derelict Shengli in a decaying orbit with a small Missec vessel scavenging its equipment. The Earwig crew warned them to leave, while the Missec attempted to negotiate for supplies from the Earwig. Eventually, the Lasers simply boarded the Shengli and the Missec craft departed, leaving an away crew on board the Combine destroyer.

On board, the Lasers negotiated with the Missec boarding party, and achieved an uneasy truce. Most of the Missec were subsequently killed by a booby-trap explosive set by hiding Shengli survivors. The Lasers managed to locate and remove the Interociter without alerting the Missec to its value, and discovered that the destroyer had been disabled and most of the crew killed by a Crysolis attack. The Lasers found a few surviving Shengli crew and returned to their ship with them and the remaining Missec.

The Missec ship returned with its ragtag fleet in tow and demanded the Earwig in addition to the Shengli. Through fast wiring, Vedeg and a Shengli crewman installed the Interociter onto the Shengli and fired a warning shot that frightened the fleet away.

Rewards and Consequences
Reputation neutral.
42 bicreds

Carrion Crew

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