Witness of My Worth

Contract Briefing

Detailed Events
Part 1
Part 2

Side Deals: None

PR Events

  • Warned the Quirauk away from the system, after Earwig started an automatic attack run against it. Negative Reputation Roll Result: Success

  • Incapacitated crazy driver of a careening truck, inadvertently leading to the death of the dude clinging to its grill. Demonstrable lack of sympathy expressed. Negative Reputation Roll Result: Success

After their ship systems were hacked and attempted to attack another vessel on approach, the Lasers investigated an uncommunicative environmental-assessment team and turned up a dead team, individuals apparently having turned on one another. In town, crazy locals attacked the Lasers, having been driven mad by a signal in their tethers. Tracking down the townies’ previous locations led the investigators to a museum dedicated to war hero and peacemaker Admiral Brian Hudd. The AI running the museum had fritzed due to an ashen stars effect and uploaded to the atmosphere; from there, it attempted to use people to recreate Hudd’s battles, the data on Hudd’s peacemaking having been corrupted. Resolved when Deadbeef disguised himself as Hudd and ordered the AI to stand down.

Rewards and Consequences
42 Bigcreds
Neutral PR Result

Witness of My Worth

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