The Egggobler Repossession

Contract Briefing

Detailed events

Time Passed (AS 171): 1 month, plus 6 weeks installing Maneuvering upgrades
Upgrades and Purchases: Peacefist (7bc), Inertial Sequencers (5bc), Intertial Juicer (?bc), Maneuver (Dishing It) improved to -1 (24bc)
Upkeep Paid: 20

Side Deals: 4 bigcreds for the location of the Ur stasis pods on Tartarus to Rkh-Vqt. (Currently upaid, awaiting news of Rkh-Vqt’s mission)

PR Events
Negative: The crew roofied a kch-thk hive queen into compliance with their demands.

The Earwig faced off against the Wild Wild West, whose crew had gleefully accepted a contract to keep the Lasers off Krk’ith’k. After a close contest, the Earwig declawed the rival Lasers, then embarked on a station orbiting the planet, their scans having failed to locate their quarry. Accepting a call from the Krk’ith’k Finance Minister, the Lasers learned that an important hive queen on the planet had fallen in love with the sales-vas-mal who delivered the Egggobbler, and she was no longer producing kch-thk larva, causing a potentially-extinction-level imbalance of power on the planet. Meeting with the queen, the Lasers employed the F0110W-ME they recovered on Tartarus to get her to agree to let the vas mal and the ship go.

Rewards and Consequences
42 bigcreds
The crew spun their drugging the kch-thk queen, suffering no penalty to their reputation.

The Egggobler Repossession

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