Contract Briefing

Detailed Events
Part 1
Part 2

Time Passed (AS 171): 2 months
Upgrades and Purchases: 0
Upkeep Paid: 14 bigcreds

Side Deals: None

PR Events
Positive: The lasers attempted to save Dorrie Haslett
Positive: The lasers fully explored the alien complex and collect all the DNA required by their mission, rather than nuking it from orbit.
Positive: The lasers slew the (presumably) last living Ur (in self-defense), but “revived” her through Deadbeef’s tranferrence into her body.
Negative: The lasers took samples of the F0110W-ME for their own use.

Tasked with finding aged corporate stalwart Charles Shrawley, the Earwig crew headed to bad planet Tartarus, where his team’s ship had entered standby mode in orbit. Finding the ship empty, the crew headed to a corporate installation on the surface and found members of Shrawley’s team turned into half- Crysolis monsters. Exploring further, they found an ancient dome of alien origin. Inside, they woke an ancient progenitor Ur, which fought them almost to their end, but ultimately Deadbeef ended up crawling inside the huge creature’s skin. The crew finally found Shrawley, who had transformed into a weird Crysolis-hybrid worm. He demanded that the crew worship him, and revealed that he had dosed the men and women who had come with him with F0110W-ME, a drug intended to increase compliance. The Earwig crew took a sample of the drug, threw Shrawley into an enormous pit of hungry ur-Crysolis, and nuked the site from orbit.

Rewards and Consequences
42 Bigcreds
+1 Reputation


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