"Wild" Jim Straight


Species: Human
Drive: Sexual Adventure
Groundside: Bagger
Warpside: Hailer
Hit Threshold: X

Investigative Abilities

General Abilities

Baton, Disruption Pistol, Foiler, Headset, Holo Layout, Insureshield, Meglight, Rosetta Chip, Snails (standard), Tether, Unireader




“Wild” Jim Straight – Worked as an account/clerk in logistics during the war, migrated with a bunch of people from his unit to the accounting/operations section of a corporation afterwards. Worked there for several years until being fired/run out of town for being a minor cog in his boss’/boss’ boss’ illegal white collar schemes. So, human, lots of “corporate” type abilities – forensic accounting, bureaucracy , negotiation, respect, etc., light on the technical/military type stuff. Drive is maybe atonement or nowhere else to go, frequently prefers “guys, maybe we can just talk about this….” – but with a goal of discovering his man of action within. Probably selling himself as Hailer/Bagger type mix. Maybe the crew needs someone they can send to talk to the natives without arousing too much attention – or a decoy.

"Wild" Jim Straight

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