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  • Quirauk

    A hauler encountered in orbit around [[Ares-3 | Ares-3]]. Chief Operating Officer [[:brona-redik | Brona Redik]]. The Earwig started automated combat maneuvers against the Quirauk; the crew overrode the maneuvers before actually firing upon them. …

  • Earwig

    "Mandible-class":http://pelgranepress.com/index.php/the-plain-people-of-gaming-return-to-mandible/comment-page-1/#comment-760860 | |*Dishing It*|*Taking It*| |*Fire*|1|0| |*Maneuver*|-1|1| |*Override*|0|-1| |*Trickbag*|3|0| *Output*: 8 *Cargo*: …

  • The Shengli

    _Shengli_ Ordered: March 11, 2451 Builder: Savrom Titanium Corporation, Parhus VIII Launched: May 5, 2452 Class and type: Apollyon-class plasma frigate Complement: 115 (41 officers and 74 enlisted men) Captain: Captain GuidanceUnit XO: Commander …

  • Wild Wild West

    A Laser-crewed Runner-class starship. Stratco: Gudun. Briefly skirmished with the [[Earwig | Earwig]] between the episodes [[Witness of My Worth | Witness of my Worth]] and [[Carrion Crew | Carrion Crew]]. [[File:627627 | class=media-item- …

  • The Francis Crick

    Sherlock-class vessel modified with extra crew accommodations. Belongs to Shrawley-Gosha Industries. Last seen orbiting [[Tartarus ("Bad Planet") | Tartarus]], its crew having abandoned it for the surface.

  • Starships

    [[Earwig | Earwig]] [[Egggobler | Egggobler]] [[The Francis Crick | Francis Crick]] Missec Scout Ship [[The Shengli | Shengli]] [[Quirauk | Quirak]] [[Wild Wild West | Wild Wild West]]